6 interactive online sessions
100-minute weekly classes
10 participants maximum per cohort
EUR 870
Opportunity for scholarship

Classes on a weekly cadence



Peer learning is a central part of this course. Accordingly, we ask you to submit a reflection on what motivates you to take this course, to help us form a well-balanced group. See below in the form. Think it through, but don’t overthink it.


In the selection process the applications are reviewed, and the 10-person cohort for the course is formed. A combination of the time of application, and the contents of the reflections will be taken into consideration. This means you need to balance speed and time spent on reflection. 


We inform selected applicants for the cohort. If you are not selected for the upcoming cohort, you will be placed in the priority list of the upcoming cohort. Payment is only due if you are accepted.

Your personal details will only be used for communication about Design Dissolve courses and webinars. No information will be shared with any third party. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time. Payment is only due upon acceptance to the course.