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Committing to a training may sound daunting, so we offer a sneak peek. Our one-hour webinars consist of 2 parts – a presentation and a discussion

The 30 minute presentation is held by the professor, Dr Arash Golnam. We explore how to expand service design practices both upstream and downstream – i.e. towards the system level, and towards the human level.

During the 30 minute discussion, we invite participants to ask questions and share experiences. We believe that peers are as important in a course as the teachers. This interactivity is a central part of the entire course.

Past webinars

October Webinar (30 minutes)

Dr Arash Golnam talks about wholeness versus fragmentation, causal tracing, and the By-Product Effect©


November Webinar (46 minutes)

Dr Arash Golnam discusses the semantic space of Systems Thinking; causal tracing; learning to design or design to learn; and service design education 2.0