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Webinars & videos

Exploring Systemic Design – a webinar in cooperation with the Service Design Show (53 minutes)

In this webinar you will learn about the Systemic Design paradigm as an intersection between Systems Thinking, Depth Psychology and Mythology.

We also examine how Systemic Design can turn designing into a holistic and dynamic undertaking that is a conduit for intuition, imagination and creativity, and dives deep into the human dimension to understand and transform mental models of users and the designers.



Service Design Show with Arash Golnam & Marc Fonteijn (64 minutes)

The Service Design Show is a hallmark of the service design scene since over 5 years. In this episode, Design Dissolve’s very own Arash Golnam was the interview guest. Strap in for a conversation challenging established paradigms.

March Webinar (38 minutes)

This time we combine Systems Thinking and a practical example, and look at how Systemic Service Design was applied at Amazon.com

October Webinar (30 minutes)

Dr Arash Golnam talks about wholeness versus fragmentation, causal tracing, and the By-Product Effect©


November Webinar (46 minutes)

Dr Arash Golnam discusses the semantic space of Systems Thinking; causal tracing; learning to design or design to learn; and service design education 2.0